portrait of Shy Lennox


Shuba is a first generation Indian-American artist fusing the likes of Bollywood into pop-rap gems. Her range of influences have stemmed from Eminem’s rapping, Ariana Grande’s catchy hooks, and Freddie Mercury’s invigorating vocals.

Blending together the ethnic sounds of her Indian background with the combination of alluring vocals, well crafted lyrics, and an overall self-confident vibe, Shuba has begun showcasing her undeniable talent of rapping and singing in an authentic way.

Growing up as a minority in the United States, Shuba aims to write music for the underdogs who feel stuck inside society's “norm”. She fights the constant struggle of self-acceptance; from liking her hair, to feeling like she fits within the expectations of even her own Indian culture.

At her 6th grade graduation in a small midwest town, Shuba wrote that she wanted to be a singer, hoping to be as recognizable as a skyscraper in a big city one day.

From going on to doing a virtual jam session with Brian May of Queen, to being acknowledged for her singing talent by icons such as Celion Dion & Shakira, Shuba is well on her way to achieving that dream.