portrait of Lucas

Lucas Stadvec

Lucas Stadvec is an American artist, singer, and songwriter. Born in 2002 in Manhattan Beach, California to established actors, Lucas started at a young age modeling and acting. Appearing on Nickelodeon, Disney, and ABC, Lucas started making a name for himself in the child acting community. In 2019, he premiered as Josh on Brat's Crown Lake TV show. After acting in multiple other music videos and other pieces of work, Lucas gained a following on Instagram which he would eventually use to start his own music career. His first single "Nicolas Cage" with BratTV brought light to Lucas's talent. With about 250,000 streams on Spotify, this single allowed him to collaborate with other artists to make songs like "TTS" which is at 900,000 streams and growing. He now wishes to expand his catalog with new singles for his fans to hear!

Lucas started to take an interest in writing, rapping and recording music in 2016. As a child, Lucas suffered from multiple speech impediments and stutters. He tried everything including taking classes to get over the stutter but nothing worked. Lucas then entered the entertainment industry where he overcame these setbacks and he is now making music for all to hear. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, Lucas decided that he would use this time to grind out as much music as possible. This hustle led to Lucas having a vault full of great songs that he is ready to release.

Lucas is now ready to show his fans and the rest of the world what he has been working on. He wants to prove that anything is possible and you can overcome whatever obstacles you face. Lucas hopes that his music will introduce a new style of music, combining pop, hip-hop, and EDM together.

He recently joined the family at Snafu, a new 21st century record label, and plans on sharing 3 singles within 2021. As time continues, the name Lucas Stadvec is here to stay.